New Employee Spotlight: Beverly

Beverly Pogue pictured with her Grandpa Monti

We are pleased to announce Beverly has 12 years of experience working in long term care throughout the business office and various other administrative positions. She has been married to her husband Greg for 21 years sharing three children, their cats and a spoiled rotten Yorkie named: London. Bev is looking forward to her first grandchild in October! During her spare time, she and her husband enjoys going to car shows and exhibiting their 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. Currently, she is going to school at OCTC to obtain an Associates in Fine Arts degree and is working to become an Art Therapist. Beverly is a visual multimedia artist and enjoys working with clay, creating beads, and using flowers to blend the colors. Her talents are creating sun catchers, jewelry, and keychains. She incorporates wood, glass beads, upcycled jewelry, and other found and upcycled objects as her Grandpa Moni taught her. She has had the honor of creating pieces using funeral flowers so individuals may have a memory piece of their loved ones. This creative art has a special place in her heart. Welcome to our team, Bev!

Beverly Pogue, Human Resources and Payroll (Employee/ Department) pictured with her Grandpa Monti.

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