Using Leftover Eggs from Easter

Leftover eggs can be used in a number of ways. Take your culinary skills and go from there.

Hard Boiled Eggs – Shell the egg and eat it. Nothing like a good boiled egg with a little pepper on it.

Egg Salad – Just add some mustard, mayonnaise and some dill and you have a wonderful sandwich spread.

Deviled Eggs – Shell the eggs, take out the yolks and mix with some mustard powder, mayonnaise, and salt and pepper. Take the mixture and spoon back into one half of an egg white. Sprinkle some paprika decoratively on top. You can also change the filling and use avocado or seafood.

Salads – Shell the eggs and dice up both yellow and white parts to make a nice garnish.

Potato Salad – This will use up many more eggs that are left. Mix in some potatoes, mustard, relish, and onion for a great treat.

Chip Dip – Cream leftover eggs, about 7-8, with cream cheese in a blender. Add onions, salsa, or chives for a great tasting dip.

Hot Pickled Eggs – Use the liquid from jar of jalapeños or other peppers. Place the eggs in the juice and let set for a week.

Asparagus – This tasty vegetable is sometimes served with butter and diced egg.

Casseroles – Mix leftover eggs with mashed potatoes, cheese, butter and chives. Also, take some chicken, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots and add in a few eggs. Both will give you a scrumptious dinner that is easy to make.

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