Stickers are a part of everyone’s life—regardless of age!

There are endless amounts of stickers to collect! One of the most common “sticker” collections are actually stamps—which are considered to be the first stickers.

Stickers can be a delightful form of self-expression. They can be funny, crazy, thought provoking, silly, or intelligent. Stickers can be used as way for you to proclaim your views on life, politics, sports, religion, music, brands, or favorite movies or books. One of the common places, stickers tend to be spotted is on vehicles.

Aside from adorning your car’s bumper with eye-catching personality and one-liners, stickers are used in all sorts of crafts. Commonly used in scrapbooking, there are a variety of glitter, die-cut, and puffy stickers available. Stickers can also be used as an embellishment to letters and envelopes.

On January 13, National Sticker Day celebrate by mailing some stickers or a sticker book to grandchildren, great-nieces or nephews, or by making a craft with stickers, ie: a bookmark, placemat, greeting card or by simply wearing a sticker on your shirt! A smiley face, unicorn, heart, or cartoon character is sure to be spotted and become a fun conversation!

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