October 4th is World Smile Day

10 Great Reasons Why Smiling Makes Us More Successful!

ONE: Our smile shows other people that we are friendly.

TWO: A smile can make people happy. When you smile at someone who is not already smiling and they smile back, you have brought a moment of happiness into their lives which, who knows, could last all day.

THREE: Smiling is infectious.

FOUR: Smiling can make you popular.

FIVE: Smiling can help you to make new friends.

SIX: Smiling makes you positive and happy inside.

SEVEN: A smile makes you look far more attractive.

EIGHT: Smiling also helps make you memorable to others! You are three times more likely to remember the person that is smiling over the one that isn’t.

NINEMost importantly, smiling is good for your health! Smiling releases stress, worry, and tension that you may have built up throughout the day.

TEN: Smiling is FREE! You are never going to run short of smiles and will always have enough to go around.


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