National Call a Friend Day

Adult woman sitting on sofa at home talking on the telephone

Who remembers when the late Regis Philbin asked contestants on Who Wants to be a Millionaire if they wanted to “Phone a Friend” to help confirm their multiple-choice answer? Even though you might not have a trivia question that needs to be answered, when was the last time you ‘phoned a friend’ just to catch up and say hello?

With all the spam, phishing, or telemarketing calls that occur regularly, spending time on the phone can become a dreaded activity. And even though people send text messages and emails more than ever before, sometimes that just isn’t enough! December 28 is National Call a Friend Day, and there is nothing quite like a phone call and hearing a real voice on the other end to help you feel better connected.

Call an old college roommate, childhood friend, or family member. Ask how they have been doing, what is new in their life or reminisce together about the past. Calling someone special out of the blue lets them know you were thinking of them and could really brighten their day!

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