In Memory of Janita H.

in memory sign with pink flowers in background

This is Eddie D. writing on behalf of a resident at Twin Rivers Nursing – Janita H. She was my Mom.

Mom passed away at 4:30 this morning under the care of Hospice. I know there is a God and I know God loves us and God loved Mom.

I wanted to write to you for two reasons:

1) To let everyone know that Mom had passed. Mom loved it at Twin Rivers. She was happy and content and I was thankful.

2) The second reason I wanted to write to you is to tell you that I cannot say enough good things about the care Mom received while she was there.

As I stated to you previously, I was told not to send Mom to Twin Rivers and I had an ugly falling out with my family regarding my decision as her son and POA to send her there.

Because of the obstacles I faced, I want you to know that I did not take my decision lightly. I prayed about this and gave this a lot of consideration before I did it. The number one reason I sent Mom to Twin Rivers was because of Carli. Carli was amazing from the beginning. She did not give up and took care of getting Mom to Twin Rivers and ensured everything was set up with Medicare and Medicaid prior to our arrival. She was so compassionate and helpful and understanding, I was completely connected to her from the start and was thankful for all that she did. Carli feels like a really good friend to me and I am so grateful for who she is and what she does. But it didn’t end with Carli.

Once I got Mom to Twin Rivers, I completely fell in love with the staff and residents there. Every visit I would make felt like coming home. Not once did I feel like no one was helping me or Mom or neglectful in any way. Not once did I come across anyone that was rude or standoffish. When I told one of the staff there that Mom would likely not be back and that we were moving her to Hospice, she sobbed. She talked about how Mom had meant so much to her and how much she enjoyed talking with her. I know that doesn’t just come from doing a job – that comes from a caring heart that cares about what they are doing and the people they are blessed to be with.

I have interacted with many Nursing facilities and Assisted Living locations throughout my career and personally with Mom. I have found that most are trying to do a good job and want to present themselves to the community as a place that families can trust with their loved ones. I believe what separates these places from each other and what elevates one over another is the direction that Twin Rivers is going in. I found Twin Rivers as a place that loves what they do and loves the people entrusted with their care. As this environment continues to be fostered and maintained, I believe more and more families are going to come to find what I found – when faced with a difficult decision regarding a loved one’s care, you won’t go wrong in believing in Twin Rivers.

I want you to know that I feel like the decision to bring Mom Twin Rivers was one of the best decisions I ever made on her behalf and I am completely confident in the decision I made and I will always be grateful that you proved it was the right thing to do.

I love you all and will continue to be a voice for you and what you do.

-Eddie D.

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