How to Train Your Memory by Playing Scrabble – Scrabble Day is April 13

wooden scrabble letters spelling LEARN

The mental workouts we receive from games such as Scrabble are effective tools in boosting the power of your brain. Besides being a game that requires strategy skills, Scrabble allows players with good memories to have a higher probability of winning the game.

The key to receiving points and ultimately winning is to form words that contain high-point letters, such as “q” or “z”. Train your brain and improve your memory by remembering words that contain these letters.

One technique is to associate a clever, high-point word with something, like an experience, friend, favorite movie, etc. For example, to remember the word ‘quiescent’, you can associate it with one of your friends, who is quiet by nature.

Another technique is to remember a list by combining multiple words together. For example, to remember some words which begin with ‘z’, try to memorize the following sentence:

“The zany zebra in the zoo runs zigzag zealously and meets a zookeeper, zoologist and zombie.”

Now is the time to exercise your brain, boost your memory, and get your favorite wordsmith friends together for a fun, challenging, stimulating afternoon game!

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