Find Fulfillment in Volunteering

Volunteering is an incredibly fulfilling activity and can give new meaning to our lives.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons so many retirees find such great joy in volunteering. When we leave a career, we sometimes need to find a new focus or passion in life. Having a sense of meaning and purpose is one of the major factors in aging successfully.

Volunteering in the community gives us many new opportunities, including the opportunity to:

  • Help others
  • Use our skills, wisdom, abilities, and knowledge in new and meaningful ways
  • Enrich the lives of others
  • Cultivate new social networks
  • Learn new things
  • Make the community and the world a better place
  • Feel good about the ways we are using our time

There are volunteer opportunities all around us. Keep an open mind to new ways to help others and make a difference in your community and our world. One of the most common ways to volunteer is to read to children, even if it’s just for a few hours per week. The rewards will far outshine your expectations.

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