World Day of Music: June 21

musical notes, vintage background

World Day of Music, observed on June 21, celebrates the universal language of music. Originating in France in 1982 as Fête de la Musique, this day has grown into a worldwide sensation, embracing the diverse musical traditions of cultures around the globe.

Musicians come together from various backgrounds, generations, and cultures and showcase their talents with numerous songs and musical genres. World Day of Music also encourages innovation, experimentation, and creativity in music-making. Need ideas on how to celebrate? Here are a few to spark musical moments:

Live Performances: Attend a live performance from a volunteer musician, or at a local music event near you. Go see an artist you haven’t seen or heard of before to broaden your musical horizons.

Music-themed Movies: Enjoy a musical movie every afternoon for a week! Include recent favorites, like Sing or Chicago, or classics like Mary PoppinsSinging in the Rain, or The Wizard of Oz. It might even turn into a fun sing-along!

Music Trivia Night: Organize a music trivia night featuring questions about famous bands and musicians throughout history.

Group Playlist: Ask friends and family of all generations to each add one to two of their favorite songs to a playlist on your phone or tablet. Enjoy the eclectic tunes and have fun discovering new songs and artists.

Intergenerational Music Activities: Did you play a musical instrument in your youth? Do you know how to read music? Share this talent with your grandchildren or local youth groups. Show them how to play scales, a simple song, or how to read sheet music.

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