Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Birthday and a Warm Welcome!

various colored party balloons and ribbons

Happy Birthday to our Residents!
Linda G. December 02
Tonya D. December 05
Amanda P. December 08
Sandra H. December 09
Earl A. December 11
Cosmo M. December 12
Edward L. December 15
Wilma S. December 19
Robert A. December 22
William C. December 26
Roger F. December 27
Linda W. December 29
Rebecca W. December 31

Happy Birthday to our Staff!
Tammy C. December 06
Eric R. December 09
Jolene R. December 07
Lisa B. December 12
Ashley J. December 14
Catherine B. December 16
Amy P. December 30

June A.
John B.
Pam S.
Donald D.

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