Simple Creative Twists to Tasty Summertime Staples

summertime hotdogs

At almost every cookout, picnic, and party during the summer you’ll find at least two commonplace food items: the hamburger and hotdog. If you look more closely, you might notice the traditional toppings of mustard, ketchup, cheese or relish – but rarely anything else. If you’re tired of the same old, boring burger or hot dog, try out some of these unique combinations of toppings to bring some life to your plate.

Bruschetta – Ditch the normal bun for the toasted Italian variety, or make your own from a loaf of Italian bread. Toss diced tomatoes, chopped garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, basil and salt together for a savory topping to add to any burger or hot dog. To garnish, drizzle with some additional olive oil.

Tiki Style – If you’re preparing hot dogs, wrap them in bacon and brush teriyaki sauce over it as it cooks. For burgers, fry the bacon to a crisp, crumble and add to the meat mixture along with a splash of teriyaki sauce before making the patties. Serve on a toasted bun with grilled pineapple, chopped red onion and more teriyaki sauce.

French Onion – This works well for both a hot dog and burger. Simply add caramelized onions and Swiss cheese to your preferred cookout staple. Melt the cheese with indirect heat over the grill, then sprinkle with fresh thyme.

Chilean Completo – A traditional hot dog served in Chile; comprised of chopped tomatoes, a generous serving of mayo, sauerkraut and mashed avocado sauce or guacamole.

Comfort Food – Mix some garlic and butter together and spread on your buns; toast or grill them to create your “garlic bread.” Next, add mashed potatoes, crumbled bacon (or bacon bits) and green onions. Top with gravy!

No matter how you dress your dogs, buns, and burgers this summer—enjoy!

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