Sense of Smell Day

mature woman smelling her bottle of perfume

What are your favorite scents, and what are the odors that you can’t stand? Sense of smell is one of the primary senses and it affects the way we experience the world each day. Sense of Smell Day is on April 30 this year, and it is a day to acknowledge the crucial role that scent plays in taste, memory, mood, emotion, and detection of hazards. Recent research has indicated that the capabilities of human sense of smell may be critically underestimated. While the human eye is able to see several million colors, and the human ear is able to hear approximately half a million tones, a study published in Science magazine in 2014 found that humans may be capable of detecting and distinguishing over one trillion scents!

On Sense of Smell Day, exercise your olfactory system by taking note of the various scents you experience throughout the day.  What memories do they evoke, and what emotions do they trigger? Seek out smells you enjoy, whether they come from foods, scented candles, or nature. Consider also comparing favorite scents with your friends and loved ones to discover how diverse or similar your perspectives are! Scents are also the central component of aromatherapy, which traditionally uses scented essential oils to help improve well-being. If you would like to dabble in its effects, try smelling the scent of lavender, chamomile, or rose to enhance relaxation; alternatively, try citrus, ginger, or peppermint for more invigorating scents. However, there’s no need to stop there – with trillions of scents in the world, there is a lot for your nose to explore and experience!

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