National Stroke Month

How can you determine if you are having a stroke?

A stroke may cause numbness in the face, arm or leg, usually on one side. If it’s hard for you to smile, a stroke may be occurring.

  • Strokes may cause incoherent speech or slurred speech
  • Strokes may cause paralysis. If you are unable to raise both arms, you may be experiencing paralysis.
  • High cholesterol, being overweight, smoking, a poor diet, and lack of activity may increase your chances of having a stroke.

The most important thing about a stroke is that time is of the essence. When a stroke occurs, the brain is being deprived of oxygen. An artery could be blocked, forming a blood bubble or aneurysm, or an artery may be broken which causes blood to pool into places it shouldn’t. If you or someone you know is experiencing stroke symptoms, get medical help immediately.

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