Letter from the Administrator:

Fall is here and the year is almost over. Fall seems to be the most popular season and that could be because of the mild weather and the beautiful colors of the leaves. It could also be that this is the time that many restaurants add pumpkin flavored items to their menus. People seem to line up for that pumpkin deliciousness. Thanksgiving is also approaching and I would like to remind everyone that if they intend to take their loved ones out to visit family for the holiday, please be sure to get with their nurse so we can arrange everything.

With fall, also comes the flu season. Here at Twin Rivers, we are gearing up for the upcoming flu season by offering vaccines to our residents and staff. We do ask that if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of flu such as a fever or cough, please refrain from visiting until symptoms clear. But if you must visit, please ask the nursing team for a mask. This will aide in protecting our residents from infection. You can protect yourself from the flu by getting the seasonal flu vaccine, practicing good hand hygiene before and after you leave the facility, covering your mouth if you cough with a tissue or your sleeve, and washing your hands if you sneeze or cough.

Lastly, we appreciate your patience as we continue our renovations throughout the building. We are excited of all the changes currently happening and all that are planned to occur. Here at Twin Rivers, we want everyone to feel welcomed and a part of our family. Please see me if you have any questions or concerns; my door is always open.

Eric Ross


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