Happy Birthday and Welcome!

various colored party balloons and ribbons

Happy Birthday!


Mary R. December 01

Kenneth V. December 07

Lela J. December 09

Earl A. December 11

Dortha D. December 12

Edward L. December 15

Byron M. December 19

Ruthie G. December 19

Robert A. December 22

William F. December 26

Elmer H. December 28

Linda W. December 29


Nyeisha A. December 05

Ashlie R. December 05

Erin S. December 05

Tammy S. December 06

Jolene R. December 07

Eric R. December 09

Kimberly N. December 16

Aresha J. December 17

Darrell M. December 20


Bonnie P.

John M.

Mary Jane N.

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